Cathy Vivies | The Mermaid's Locks

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The Mermaid's Locks

Brest, 2016

Mermaids have forever been represented as having a full, thick head of hair, symbolising their erotic and amorous potential. They spend much of their time brushing their hair with a golden comb, an evocation of the fairer sex. With their long worn down, mermaids are always represented as beautiful women living in the seas and oceans and posing on rocks close to the coast. Incarnating femininity with grace, mermaids seduce sailors in ports such as Alexandria, Stockholm and Brest with their voluptuous forms and enchanting song. Whether consciously or not, they are the ultimate quest for seamen on every dock in the world. The raw and wild nature of The Mermaid’s Locks' will enhance the industrial atmosphere of La Base, while the luxuriant vegetation of her hair will help drown out the noise amplified by the concrete vault. The project is therefore functional in its conception while at the same time aesthetically pleasing and highly symbolic, distinguishing La Base from other meeting places and dens of iniquity.

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