Cathy Vivies | Leisure Garden

Leisure Garden

Le Relecq Kerhuon, 2013

The aim here is to create a garden for strolling made up of fluid spaces where the eye catches the nonchalant curves of the exotic garden's plants before it opens up into a floral clearing and disappears into the orchard.
The space eventually opens up on to the river leading one's gaze toward the horizon. The idea is also to bring together all the various ambiances into one space. With the house being set back quite a way from the river, the paths are laid on the opposite side of the garden allowing one to pass imperceptibly to the river.
Flowering season will start in the spring time and finish at the tail end of autumn while the winter months will see flower beds of warm colours and blankets of flower bulbs. Plants will flow over from the fringes, providing the perfect setting for lazy strolls.


Eremerus Himalaicus
Cordyline Australis
Hydrangea Integerrima
Phormium Rainbow

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