Cathy Dupeyrat-Vivies

Photo – Alcide Rioche

Having graduated from the National School of Landscape Architecture in Versailles in 2010, garden designer, Cathy Dupeyrat-Vivies took home the top prize at the 2011 Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival. Her entry, 'l'Envers du décor' ('Behind the Scenes'), which was inspired by Gustave Courbet's 'l'Origine du Monde' ('The Origin of the World'), had a precautionary message. The mid-19th century painting is a warning against our impulsion when faced with temptation and that which we risk if our cravings are not tempered by our conscience. She was also awarded with an honourable mention by the 'Victoires du Paysage' 2016 jury for her 'Hanging Garden', commissioned by AXA.

Cathy is passionate about urban vegetalisation and is always finding new ways and concepts to incorporate vegetation into cities with limited ground space and whose inhabitants are increasingly busy.

She specialises in the development of new techniques, allowing her to breath new life into disused spaces by suspending ambitious plant structures and harmoniously vegetalising the most austere of places, working in close collaboration with architects, landscape companies and consulting engineers responsable for ambitious renovation projects.

In partnership with architectural firms working on urban renewal or construction projects as well as office block regeneration, Cathy creates gardens for corporate entities.

The influence of light and colour has always been central to her work. In her former profession as a fashion stylist she had a particular penchant for creating wide-ranging colour palettes to suit all skin pigmentations. Playing with the seasons as she once did with her collections, Cathy sees the urban landscape as an eternal cycle, always ready to be reinvented.